What it is like to be female…

I loathe feeling like I am on display for the average, wandering-eyed individual. Lately, I want to roll myself up in the carpet I used to hide in as a kid. Magic carpet. Disguise from the world.

Just a voice, without a body. Oh how simple things would be.

November 10, 2018

Today was a gift. A day filled with angst, excitement and wonder. Wonder about the future, while reflecting on wonders from the past. Wonders of the present and the amazing friends whom came to support. I looked around and wondered about the girl I used to be when I was writing my poems. I wondered about the woman I have become since then. Not afraid to use my voice, not afraid to express my feelings. Fearless and wise.

The author expo today was a moment to reflect upon not only the success of my writing, but the growth of my identity.