July 23, 2018.

How did I find my confidence to publish my writing?

I realized that this life is so rare and nothing is guaranteed. When my friend passed away suddenly in 2015, I realized that this world owes us nothing. I began to believe that if anything. we owe something to the world. You have a life, a talent, a God-given gift that you need to share with others who are aimlessly wandering around this spinning globe. Share it.

You will not live forever.

July 22, 2018 Prose. “When it Happens.”

When it happens, it will feel like the whole world has come together. Piece by piece; fringe edges and smooth peaks alike. It will feel like both the past and the future have always made sense. It will feel beautiful, genuine and unbelievably real. It will feel like love. The love you have always deserved. When it happens. -Angela