March 22, 2020

Hello world. Today is Day 9 of my practice in “social distancing” due to the infamous Coronavirus. Sending out all my love to those suffering from the virus and those with loved ones who have fallen ill or perished. I have been lucky and have stayed healthy, so far, and I would love to shareContinue reading “March 22, 2020”

December 19, 2019

Lens Adjust your lens sweet child Sink into the night Adjust your lens sweet child Life can be a fright Adjust your lens sweet child Step to the light Adjust your lens sweet child You will be alright.   ©2019 Angela Prendergast. All Rights Reserved.

June 17, 2019

  Here is a sonnet I wrote about the sun. I hope you enjoy. Aurora A sonnet by Angela Prendergast.   Morning, gleaming bright, blinding The middle child of the great beyond Darkness drifts away in fright Summer flowers; delicacy grows so fond.   Soundless, it rises and falls Squinty eyes, liquid tears below AContinue reading “June 17, 2019”