June 17, 2019

  Here is a sonnet I wrote about the sun. I hope you enjoy. Aurora A sonnet by Angela Prendergast.   Morning, gleaming bright, blinding The middle child of the great beyond Darkness drifts away in fright Summer flowers; delicacy grows so fond.   Soundless, it rises and falls Squinty eyes, liquid tears below AContinue reading “June 17, 2019”


Originally posted on ❧Defining Ways❧:
angelaprendergastpoetry.com   A Prose Poetry Collection Tic-Toc goes the clock. It is 2 a.m., the mind is racing. This poetry collection portrays the thoughts, perhaps overthought, of a vulnerable 21-year-old discovering who she is and what she stands for against the negativity around her. Falling victim to overthinking resulted in…

Ghosts — Katie Not Katherine

What is truly terrifying about ghosts is the pity we afford them for their current state, the truest feeling they evoke most often is regret and grief. Nothing is more sobering than seeing a once livened person or memory turn into a carcass of its former self. Comparisons from what was to what is can […]Continue reading “Ghosts — Katie Not Katherine”

February 1, 2019

I am a writer, a listener and a speaker. I believe in myself, as well as the magnificent students in my classroom. I want sincere happiness for those who carry the burden of protecting my heart. I am a writer, a listener and a speaker.   I feel excited about my future as a loverContinue reading “February 1, 2019”